Need to go a little bigger? – this is what the Windows + Doors from ENERsign® stand for:


Fixed windows as single glass up to 180” wide and 110” high

Double Lift and Slide Doors up to 432” wide and 110” high

Double French patio Doors up to 100” wide and 110” high

Narrow, Clean, Flush optics

Finest interior wood finish

Low VOC coatings

Concealed Hinges

Easy Integration

High-Performance Glass: laminated glass, solar- and glare-control glass, triple IGU performance glass and low-maintenance glass.

Customized, every Window is made to Customer Specifications

Operating comfort and technology at the highest and unmatched level

The certified wood-aluminium ENERsign®primus large windows and lift and slide doors with barrier-free threshold combine first-class level of workmanship with a strucutral balanced construction. It also offers high air tightness, excellent thermal insulation values and reliable burglary protection.

The ENERsign®primus large windows and lift-and-slide doors is an eye-catcher for every home thanks to its sophisticated technology, the large glass surfaces possible and the narrow frame widths all round.

Due to the exact guidance at the top and bottom, even large sliding sashes can be opened and closed with ease. The ENERsign large windows and lift and slide doors set dimension standards with heights of 110 “ and overall widths of 432”.

Due to the slim aluminum cover profile, insulation on “zero frame view” is possible without thermal bridges.

Generally, on regular lift and slide doors, the most problematic areas are the transition between sliding sash and fixed element, as well as the threshold design. Here the tightness is decisive. Not so for the ENERsign Lift&Slide doors, through sophisticated special and customized solutions, especially for large elements, these problems do not exist with the ENERsign design.

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ENERsign US Inc.

Phone: 720.217.6944

1301 Yellow Pine Ave., Unit C., Boulder, CO 80304


Welcome to ENERsign® Price Configurator with U-Value window Calculation:

You don’t want to go through the trouble of obtaining various offers, but would like to find out the recommended prices and U-values for our high-quality ENERsign®primus window? Then try our price configurator, here you can put together your desired windows as you wish and try out different sizes and designs.

All you need is the desired dimensions and window types and you can configure immediately. The window price and U-value window will be adjusted automatically, so that you always have an overview and can compare directly.

We are uncompromising in the product we offer:
ENERsign®primus elements with at least triple glazing with a U-value glass of 0.52 W/m²K and a g-value of 53%. Other designs and special glasses are available on request.

Welcome to the ENERsign® U-Value window configurator:

The U-value window is also called heat transfer coefficient and according to the standard DIN EN 10077 it indicates the amount of thermal energy lost through a window to the outside.

The U-value window is calculated using the formula W/(m²K), i.e. watts per square metre and Kelvin. This value refers to the entire window and defines the amount of energy per unit of time that flows through an area of one square meter when the air temperature on both sides differs by one Kelvin. The lower this value is, the less energy or heat the window emits.

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